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Gai Quanhong delivered a speech at the new product press conference of Qingdao fisheries Expo

Release Time:2021-11-24

Guests and friends from all over the world and partners of Gaishi food:
Good afternoon, everyone!
In the golden autumn of October, every layer of forest is dyed. After two years, we met again in the beautiful Qingdao.
Here, on behalf of Gaishi food, I would like to extend my warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to all guests and friends who come to today's thank you reception in their busy schedule!



In the past two years, the global epidemic has raged. Each of us and all enterprises have experienced unprecedented tests. The same is true of Gaishi food. We have overcome many difficulties in fighting the epidemic and ensuring production. Instead of falling, our performance has increased. We are lucky to become the "first share of China's prefabricated cold dishes", and will soon be listed on the Beijing stock exchange and officially become a A-share listed enterprise. Thank you for your great support from business friends, as well as the hard work and unremitting efforts of our partners!
Looking back on the development of the world, 27 years ago, we could only process and export primary edible fungi, raw materials of mountain vegetables and semi-finished products. Although there are only rented factories and a single export market, relying on the passion of gestar people and the professional spirit of being willing to bear hardships and study, we have developed 13 kg solid boiled mushroom cans for the first time in China, which has promoted the progress of the industry from export raw materials to semi-finished products. This spiritual driving force has been accompanied by gestar food all the way.
Fifteen years ago, the Dalian Lushun factory invested 20 million yuan by Gaishi food was put into production, and the products gradually changed from semi-finished products to deep processing and seasoning, namely food. Combined with the geographical advantages of Dalian on the coast of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, it has successively developed seafood products such as seaweed salad, squid mountain vegetables, Mingtai fish roe and so on.
In 2008, we established the domestic sales department and the European and American Department, and formulated the "Troika strategy". Japan, Europe, America and domestic markets have developed together. Over the past decade, we have withstood various crises in the fierce market competition and the depressed economic environment.
In 2016, Gaishi food successfully listed on the new third board, and its sales revenue exceeded RMB 100 million this year, an increase of 49% over the previous year.
In 2019, Gaishi food established its subsidiary Dalian Gaishi Shunda seafood Co., Ltd., and established a one-stop management and control system for seaweed products from raw materials, R & D, production, sales and service.
Through three years of efforts, we have successfully promoted the revision of GB 2760 national standard for seaweed salad, brought the national standard into line with international standards, made great contributions to the development of the industry, and was elected as the vice president unit by China algae Industry Association.

Now, the prefabricated cold dishes of Gaishi food have successfully entered large catering brands such as Haidilao, Xiabu, Xiabu and xijiade. We serve more than 10000 catering chain restaurants, and our products have been exported to 54 developed countries and regions, with more than 300 global partners.
Gaishi food can be trusted by many customers. I share three points with you.

The first is integrity.
The people of the world have always regarded honesty as the basic principle of doing things;


The second is quality.
We carefully study each food material to give full play to its sensory and nutritional characteristics. In order to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and enable customers to have sufficient competitiveness in the sales market, Gaishi food not only spends a lot of money to buy advanced production and testing equipment every year, but also vigorously develops its own unique equipment to ensure Gaishi's leading advantage in equipment.
We believe in the power of science and technology. At present, we have obtained 11 national invention patents, far ahead of the industry!


The third is service.
We use sophisticated management system to meet the different needs of customers all over the world. Seaweed salad alone has more than 150 formulas, and each formula should have 27 files to match. We have done a lot of work and enjoy it!


Next year, the second factory we invested and built in Huai'an, Jiangsu will be put into operation. The factory is located in the national industrialized edible fungus production gathering place, backed by the vast vegetable production base in Shandong. Superior geographical location and convenient transportation conditions can provide better and more efficient services for customers at home and abroad.
Don't forget your original heart. Today's unparalleled world still maintains the vigorous vitality and dedication as when you started your business. We will continue to cultivate our main business and build a food platform. While pursuing the material and spiritual harvest of all employees, we will provide customers with the best products and services, improve the enterprise's own value and contribute to the development of human health.
Today is the reception for the release of new products of gestar prefabricated cold dishes. It is also a Thanksgiving reception for us to give back to new and old customers. We have not only brought new products, but also sincere cooperation schemes.
Let's raise our glasses, thank you for your support and love over the years, and wish you a beautiful and unforgettable day here!

Thank you!


2021.10.27At Qingdao fisheries Expo



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